ADDS 2022 Speakers

Jennifer Schrack

Dr. Jennifer Schrack, PhD

Associate Professor
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health

Dr. Schrack’s primary area of research is the epidemiological assessment of aging, movement, and disability. Movement and health are intrinsically linked; by measuring factors such as gait speed, physical activity, fatigability, and falls, Dr. Schrack is working to elucidate novel, modifiable mechanisms of physical and cognitive decline with aging.

Until recently, measures of human performance were limited to laboratory settings. However, the advent of wearable technology presents an unprecedented opportunity to better understand how quantities, patterns, and trends of daily movement predict physical and cognitive outcomes with aging. These technologically advanced monitors have the potential to ultimately transform clinical research and be widely used as preventative therapy tools.

She is the PI of two NIA funded grants to understand interactions among movement, physical function, and brain health. She is the MPI of the National Health and Aging Trends Study, a study designed to provide a platform for studying late life disability trends and trajectories to improve health for older adults.