ADDS 2022 Speakers

Kate Lyden

Kate Lyden, PhD

Chief Science Officer

Kate Lyden, PhD is the Chief Science Officer for VivoSense, an agile end-to-end solutions company measuring patient outcomes by developing novel digital endpoints from wearable sensor data. Kate has an extensive and diverse background in the development and implementation of wearable sensor methodologies across clinical, academic, and industry settings. She is passionate about leveraging the power of connected sensor technologies to gain meaningful insights into real-world patient behaviors and experiences. Prior to joining VivoSense, Kate spent nearly ten years as an academic researcher focused on synchronizing continuous measures of real-world behavior with physiological signals to reveal associations between important health behaviors and risk for chronic disease. She has authored many scientific publications on the objective measurement of human behaviors and is a frequent contributor and collaborator on this topic at clinical development commercial events and industry working groups.