ADDS 2022 Speakers

Tina Duong

Tina Duong PT, PhD

Director of Clinical Outcomes Research and Development
Stanford University Neuromuscular Division

Dr. Duong is the director of clinical outcomes research and development at Stanford University Neuromuscular division. Clinically, she is a physical therapist with 20 years of clinical experience in evaluating, treating and validating clinical outcomes for patients with neuromuscular disease. She is involved in ongoing studies and developments on initiatives in treatments for neuromuscular disease, novel trial designs, and outcomes development. Prior to her arrival at Stanford University in 2015, she directed clinical evaluations and training for the Cooperative International Neuromuscular Research Group (CINRG) in Washington DC.

Her clinical and research interests in developing, refining and understanding outcome measures in neuromuscular disease contributes to her determination in improving efficacy endpoints for clinical trials as well as interpreting these endpoints on the changing phenotype in neuromuscular diseases. Her area of research focuses on the impact of exercise and physical activity on disease physiology and quality of life. She hopes to integrate technology and digital biomarkers as a complementary tool to performance based measures used in trials, in the clinic and remotely.

She enjoys working on multi-disciplinary teams and creating patient focused solutions to improve the quality of life for all neuromuscular patients. Her interests and hobbies include working with technology and design products to make the world more accessible for individuals with different abilities.